Bloopers for the win.

I think it was Confucius who said

“with every second of good footage, there’s 10 seconds of bad footage.”

*I thought that was a clever joke, haha. You might disagree (as would many of my friends despite being attuned to my dry humour).“

Raise your voice, not your (vitamin) C-level

So, for the UNEP World Environment Day Blogging competition, I couldn’t leave all the footage lying around of mistakes and laughter. I realized the source of such laughter is giving creative freedom for each person to interpret the premise of the project and experiment with it.

I enjoy the sound of laughter the most - the boisterous the better. It’s one of the most authentic sounds we can make, and it varies so much from person to person. Oddly enough, the blooper reel is twice as long as the actual video I created for submission.

So, enjoy the laughs.

And learn about why the theme for #WED2014 this year is "Raise your voice, not the sea level” by clicking here

If I can engage you enough to make you investigate the issues facing small island developing states (#SIDS) due to climate change, I will have done my job.

And with a strong certainty, I can take ownership for the 30+ friends in my video and say that they now all know about #WED2014 and will be connected to #SIDS related news via my updates.

Bloopers for the win

In some instances, bloopers make a movie much more memorable. I am a hardcore fan of the Judd Apatow related comedies that keep coming out. The Apatow brand of comedians provide a steady dose of bad humor that I helplessly find funny, despite the stern looks of disdain I feel when she happens to glance at a scene not meant for the screens (according to her, at least). “Bad humor” is subjective really. My philosophy (right now) is if it’s funny and it doesn’t hurt someone without their warrant, I am open to classifying it as humor.

If you disagree that 10 minutes of Kristen Wiig arguing with a young girl with a straight face isn’t funny (however uncomfortable it is to watch), we have to agree to disagree at this point.

But in all seriousness, maintain a healthy level of Vitamin-C.

Ascorbic acid is good for you.


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